Lourdes Matha Syro-Malabar Catholic Church Raleigh, North Carolina (1400 Vision Drive, Apex, NC 27523) is the humble effort of our parishioners in and around Raleigh-Durham area, originally migrants from Kerala, India, to celebrate and hand over to the posterity, the faith and legacy handed down to us, brought to our forefathers by St. Thomas the Apostle himself, he received from the heart of the Risen Lord, with the proclamation "My Lord and My God".

The gift of faith we have received from Apostle Thomas, sent to our forefathers, by Jesus Christ himself, is still burning bright. Our mission is to hand over the torch to the posterity. “The passing of the torch” requires the effective cooperation of all members with the blessing of God.

We, the parishioners of Lourdes Matha Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, seek to live, celebrate and share our belief in Christ as we worship and serve Him according to His example and teachings.

We proclaim our faith in our Savior Jesus Christ and try to inspire all people in the love of Christ and to fulfill various spiritual needs of the Syro-Malabar Catholic community by offering daily Holy Mass in Malayalam, Catechism classes for children and adults, retreats, administration of Sacraments and Sacramentals, Ward Prayers and works of charity.

With appreciation of the diverse gifts of our individual members, we strive to gain the participation of each parishioner and work to ensure that all parish members feel at home in the parish.

We do this while mindful of God’s love for us and the power of His Spirit that makes us holy, heals our brokenness and sustains us in all the good we do. We are committed in the spirit of generous sharing of our time, talent, and treasure; we appreciate the wonderful work of the team involved in the faith formation of children and youth, under the inspiring and dedicated leadership of the Parish Priest, Trustees and Parish Council.