Even though Lourdes Matha Syro-Malabar Church is in its early childhood, it entered in the history of Syro-Malabar Catholic mission in the United States by building a community and a Church within a short period of time after its birth. The history of this community can be traced back to year 2006 when a group families realized the need for a Holy Mass that follow their tradition in Raleigh-Durham area. Mar Jacob Angadiath, the Bishop of Syro-Malabar Diocese in Chicago, quickly agreed up on this realization and begins to send a priest, once in a month, from Chicago to conduct Eucharistic celebrations.

During his visit in summer 2008 Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath, seeing the enthusiasm and dedication of the people, agreed to send a resident priest for the community. In October 2008 Rev. Fr. Augustine Kizhakkedam arrived in Raleigh-Durham as the resident priest and formed the new mission parish under the name Lourdes Matha Syro-Malabar Catholic Church. Henceforth the Church begins to offer daily Holy Mass and other liturgical services to the community.

Lourdes Matha Catholic Church begins its services in a rented facility in Durham and conducted Sunday worships, Catechesis, and retreats in this facility. Occasionally, the Church conducted its Eucharistic celebrations in various others places due to the unavailability of the rented place on all weekends. Realizing the need for their own Church, parishioners quickly started working to achieve their dream by financial contributions and conducting various events to generate funds necessary. During summer 2011, the Church, with the support of its dedicated members and help from generous people purchased a building and renovated the building into a Church.

On 27th November, 2011 Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath consecrated and dedicated our new church in a solemn function. During this ceremony, the community was declared as a full-fledged parish and Fr. Augustine Kizhakkedam was appointed as the first vicar.